• You can use all resources available. That includes Google, your notes, and YouTube tutorials under one condition: DO NOT clone code. It's fair to use a similar method to another code, but please, make your work original. Additional resources should only serve as helpful hints for you to reach your end goal, not as your work to be presented.
  • At the end of the competition, each group will have a set time limit to present their code to the judges. The judges will make their decisions on the same day after all groups complete their presentations. Each difficulty-level will have separate judges, and there will be a total of 3 winners (or winning groups) for each difficulty level. Also, there are prizes for the Best Presentation and the Judge's Favourite


Warning! This is a competition. As such, the same AO rules will apply (Obviously, this is only relevant to the competition and will not affect you or your academic career in any way). We expect to see original work, where designated participants/teams work together to create code. Therefore, we kindly as you:

  • DO NOT cooperate with other groups. This removes the purpose of the competition. Put all that you've got into your project, show off your skills, and be proud! Unfortunately, you (and your team, if applicable) will be disqualified from the competition if you are caught cheating.
  • Please be respectful to all of your judges and fellow participants! No racism, no sexism; just be a decent human being :)